6' Hose (for Pull-Out Faucets with Quick-Connect 'Type-B' Hose Connection)

• Polished stainless steel
• 6' stainless steel hose
• Fittings: Spout Head and Quick-Connect ('Type-B')
• Soft inner nylon hose wrapped in a continuous stainless steel ribbon makes hose very flexible with little-to-no "memory", making it ideal for gathering in tight space
• Brass fittings
• For use with: specific Ambassador Marine branded Pull-Out Faucets with Quick-Connect ('Type-B') Pull-Out Hose Connection – May be used to 'upgrade' existing units with 4' hoses!

• Meets CA AB-1953 & VT 193
• Meets NSF Guidelines
Replacement Hose For:
Aidack- Pull-Out Galley Faucet 133-1734-CP
Pacifica- Pull-Out Galley Faucet 132-0003-CP-6
"Rev B" Version Only
"Rev B" Version Only
Refer to your faucet's "Parts List" to verify compatibility
For replacement parts still covered under the item's original warranty, please call our Product Support Department directly. Warranty replacement parts may not be ordered on-line, or through your dealer, distributor or OEM.
Model Number / Packaging Variations
Model # Package Style
130-0044-SS Bulk (OEM Packaging)
130-0044-SS-R Retail Packaging (Header Bag)
130-0044-SS-W Retail Packaging (Special Labelling)
Additional documents, specific for older versions of this item, may be available for review/download on our DOWNLOADS server.

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